🛣️ We want to put you on your path at COSY.

Opportunities at COSY so far have helped our the career paths of our volunteers, without the need to have prior experience.

During an economic recession where young people can’t find experience, we will mentor and support the career development of young creatives to get to where they want to go.

You can work remotely with our incredibly talented worldwide team to propel our vision of creating a democratic platform for artists and creatives.

Want to talk about it more? Email us: opportunities@cosy.land

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Big thanks to

for partnering with COSY, helping us bond across borders.

At COSY, we've constantly pushing the boundaries of collaboration and creativity in our new digital age. As a team dispersed across geographical boundaries, it's not just about accomplishing tasks together – it's about building an environment of trust, understanding, and community!

This is where Donut steps in, making remote collaboration not only accessible but also enjoyable.

With Donut, we've broken the ice in ways we never imagined possible. By sending fun questions that everybody gets involved with to randomly pairing team members for virtual coffee breaks, Donut turns every interaction into an opportunity to learn more about our team and foster stronger bonds.

These informal conversations have not only enabled a creative community of diverse, passionate creatives at COSY, but sparked game-changing conversations which have been instrumental to achieving our mission.

But it doesn't stop at breaking the ice. Donut’s integrations with Slack ensure that our teams are constantly connected, informed, and engaged. Regular check-ins, themed chats, and group activities have become a part of our routine – all driven by Donut. It's a tool that has enhanced our communication and enriched our team culture.

Thanks Donut for helping us keep the COSY gang connected!