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is the cosy show dissecting important ideas without intimidation.

Check out our newest episodes:

Thumbnail for 🕰️ questioning historical narratives, teaching, & military wives. Click to play video.

🕰️ questioning historical narratives, teaching, & military wives

with Hollie

Hollie, a history teacher and writer, was in college when she discovered the history she’d been taught in her childhood was riddled with colonial bias. Now, she teaches history with more nuance and representation to the next generation of kids in secondary school. Haider and Hollie discuss this, class struggles in the United Kingdom, privilege, and military culture – particularly how it affects wives of military men.

Thumbnail for 👠 empowerment & vulnerability. Click to play video.

👠 empowerment & vulnerability

with Khaya from Femme Fatale Gals

At a time in her life of distress, anxiety, and insecurity, Khaya took a leap of faith out of her comfort zone and started Femme Fatale Gals, a zine taking readers along on her healing journey and promoting the importance of vulnerability, empowerment, and self-esteem. Four years later, Femme Fatale Gals has four issues packed with art and poetry from around the world and runs workshops inviting communities to embark on their healing journeys together. Khaya speaks with Haider to reflect on her experiences building Femme, discuss self-empowerment and self-worth, and talk about where she is taking her new-found voice next.

Thumbnail for 👩‍🦼 autism, ableism, & disability studies. Click to play video.

👩‍🦼 autism, ableism, & disability studies

with Dr. Jen Sarrett

Dr. Jennifer Sarrett, an expert in diversity and disability, talks with Haider about disability from a multitude of angles. We discuss a number of disabilities — both physical and intellectual — and how we understand disability in different cultures, intersectionally, in the justice system, and in corporate culture.

Thumbnail for 👘 modelling for gucci, creativity & rejection. Click to play video.

👘 modelling for gucci, creativity & rejection

with Samuel (Caracara)

Samuel (Caracara) is a true jack of all trades — an independent artist in music, film, graphic design and... modelling? Samuel takes us through this unusual experience, and how he felt when it ultimately ended. We also talk about his creative influences, and the emotional labour and dedication full-time creative work takes.

Thumbnail for 🌍 brownness, diaspora, and zindabad zine. Click to play video.

🌍 brownness, diaspora, and zindabad zine

with Cia of Zindabad Zine

Cia started Zindabad Magazine in the midst of the winter lockdown, creating a community celebrating poetry and art around diaspora, and third culture. We spoke about Brownness, racism in UK, representation, beauty standards, and auntie issues.

Thumbnail for 🇭🇰 leaving hong kong & anti-asian racism. Click to play video.

🇭🇰 leaving hong kong & anti-asian racism

with Evianne

Evianne is an independent journalist and producer talking about the protests in Hong Kong, the xenophobia following COVID-19, the fetishisation of Asian women ("yellow fever"), and how new forms of journalism are prevailing through TikTok. I can't wait to see what she does next..

Thumbnail for 🤬 extremism and radicalisation. Click to play video.

🤬 extremism and radicalisation

with Dan Collen

Dan is an online hate researcher and independent journalist studying radicalisation and creating online resources for schools on how to prevent extremism. He has previously written for Vice Canada, Anti-Hate Canada, and COSY.

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what is COSY CONVOS?

There's so many podcasts these days in today's overcrowded climate, it almost seems silly to start another one. But starting COSY, our independent magazine sharing the perspectives of people worldwide, showed us that there are so many important subjects and ideas that hardly reach the light of day.

When we talk about serious subjects like...

...it's easy to feel over our heads. But asking questions and engaging in conversation is the simplest and most effective way of understanding other people's worlds. This is what we seek to do on COSY CONVOS.


A note from our host...

After deleting social media in the pandemic, it’s been pretty difficult to meet new people. I didn’t fully appreciate the extent to which we rely on these apps to make new connections - and even then, a DM hardly scratches further than the surface of routine small-talk.

Following on from the amazing journey we’ve already embarked on with COSY, reading and sharing so many stories, I’ve been grateful to have the opportunity to forge a new social life - meeting people all around the world where we can cut the smalltalk and discuss what’s really on our minds. I learn so much from each one. At times, it feels like therapy.

I promise to do things different to other shows by fact-checking every convo, define complex terminologies when they appear so nobody feels left out, and challenge commonly held perspectives, be that from me, the guest, or wider society. As much as my curiosity can feast on so many interesting topics, I am always considering how it sounds to you - the viewer or listener.

Only the most important and enlightening convos leave the cutting room floor.

We have also considered how to create a holistic experience with COSY CONVOS - allowing you to engage whichever mood you’re in. You can enjoy the wonderful visuals, definitions and contexts when you watch the show, or listen to our sparkly audio-only version when commuting, cleaning your house, or falling asleep…

Whether it lasts 10 episodes or a thousand, I am thrilled to be on this journey with you. Please let me know what you think, and feel free to join our collective convo too!

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