Welcome to COSY!

COSY is a not-for-profit multimedia platform connecting and challenging perspectives, ideas, art, stories, and music. Though eclectic, what makes us consistent is our dedication to our values — honesty, awareness, empathy, integrity and a need to look at things differently.

We believe the future of media is changing, and COSY is our answer to what a
publication of the future should look like. In a world where divisions seem to be growing, so too is our human need to connect.

The stories so far...

Hosting over 200 stories and a combined following of over 10,000 followers, COSY is modest but quickly growing. We are proud of the collective consciousness we continue to form in a world that requires a mutual understanding of multiple perspectives, and it brings us great pride that individuals trust us to share their stories in confidence.

Our subjects are diverse, sensitive, and oftentimes controversial. Spanning over 15 different categories, we believe there is something for everyone.

The future of art.

In the age of algorithms, the future of art is uncertain. We recognise the need to
empower independent artists who struggle to receive attention on their work on mainstream platforms by providing novel solutions:

  • An interactive magazine with a high editorial standard specialising in nuance, and continuously challenging our status quo.
  • An online art gallery that celebrates exhibitions from independent artists.
  • An independent streaming service that helps the very best independent musicians and podcast creators receive more attention.

Where mainstream publications and platforms focus on a select minority of creatives, we wish to focus on upcoming talents, silenced individuals, and those who have something they wish to share with the rest of the world and don’t know where to start.

The possibilities are endless.

We understand that many are cynical about technological disruption in almost every sector — after all, it has changed many things that we have grown sentimental of. But these closed doors present themselves as windows of opportunity to COSY. We have a genuine desire to innovate and do things differently.
The internet is a still new canvas for thinkers and creatives to experiment, and we
delight in discovering those possibilities using the latest web technologies available to us.

Empowering hearts, and educating minds.

With all members of the COSY team hailing from working class backgrounds with a university education, we realise that many ideas explored in academic circles could be universally understood if only they were more accessible.
We endeavour to educate as much as we can on things that occur within our cultural lexicon, important ideas and subjects that are growing ever more important in our new world.
Our Dictionary feature is an example of dedication to this goal. We want to ensure that nobody is left out of the conversation, which can help clear misunderstandings but also reduce stigma when conversing about widely controversial subjects like race, gender, and mental health.

Most importantly, we can't do this without you.

We love celebrating each and every writer, artist, speaker, and designer part of our
community every day - and our readers for supporting us every step of the way. It is your belief in our values that makes us get out of bed every day with a sense of
gratitude and purpose.

The COSY Team

  • The co-founder, creative manager, and aesthetic lead of COSY. My dream has always been to create a safe space for all perspectives and produce an online magazine that captures a dying authenticity. During lockdown, I started building COSY during my English and Media degree – reaching out to writers and feeling empathy for their stories. Learning to draw and animate at the same time, I designed the cute COSY world you think of when you see us.

  • The co-founder and CEO of COSY. I've always been excited by new possibilities afforded to us by the internet. After studying philosophy, I wanted to make ideas accessible for a general audience, as well as learn things outside of a classroom curriculum. I keep the COSY boat floating every day with burning enthusiasm — constantly brainstorming new ideas and making key decisions for the ship to steer in next, developing a space for artists to create purely, without the pressure to return profit. I edit every single COSY article, and regularly keep in touch with our friends and contributors!

  • The ArchiTecht, web developer, and systems infrastructure of COSY. As a full-stack web developer, I’ve always loved computers and loved the possibilities they inspire. I’ve been developing websites and applications my entire life, but felt as if I wanted to create something with more humanity. COSY has given me that. I’ve built the entire website from the ground-up, and worked hard to utilise the latest web technology to realise this multi-media project.

  • Sound Designer for COSY. I also make music! Fan of audio and stuff.

  • Woof, woof! Bark, bark! Grrrr.... blebleblebleb. (Translation: I'm Miles! I'm COSY.LAND's helper dog and morale booster! I give the COSY team cuddles when they get tired from working! And I love walks and treats!)