Thank you for your patience!

COSY is rapidly expanding. Over the past ten months, we have shared over 150 articles, enlisted over 60 writers, and developed a readership of over 5000 followers on Instagram.

It's not even been a year, and we would love to thank every single one of you for giving us the faith to continue, and allowing us to live up to our passion for sharing important ideas and perspectives to a new generation!

From the beginning, we have always wanted COSY to be more than just a magazine.

We want to be a real publication of the future, not only in our direct form of journalism, but using the creative freedom offered by the internet to explore things that haven't been done before.

We've missed a few release dates, but believe our new home COSY.LAND is the first step forwards in the right direction for media! Here are some reasons why:

Goodbye Paywall.

We are thankful to our friends at Medium for allowing us to host and find many great writers. Although their infrastructure is limiting for our aims, we appreciate and learn from many things they do right - like bringing attention to important ideas, helping us find great writers, and maintaining an ad-free publication.

So we want to keep posting on Medium, allowing our writers and readers on Medium to still enjoy all they have to offer, but also integrate it with our newer inventions on COSY.LAND, so their stories are even more noticed.

COSY.LAND does not have a paywall. That means all our content is free to read forever, making it more accessible than ever before. No more subscriptions, but still no ads!

In its place, our donation system means you can donate 100% to authors, and support us, The COSY Team, to help us with our mission.

Our web architect Faiz has invented a seamless integration with Medium meaning all your content posted here can be automatically syndicated to your and our Medium publications.

All writers have to do is link their Medium account once, and enjoy double the exposure.

We hope you agree that this is one of the biggest victories for upcoming writers on COSY trying to get noticed.

What Does That Mean?

We want to make sure everything is easy to understand. No matter who you are, you can be part of the conversation.

So we've compiled our very own COSY Dictionary, for wherever there is a misunderstood, obscure, or popular term in the cultural Zeitgeist. Hover or tap any word with those pink dotted lines to get a bite-sized definition.

Rather than displaying a long, confusing definition, we hope to provide a general explanation to gently accompany the reading experience, rather than distract you from what the article is trying to say.

(We'd also love for you to help us out. We are constantly updating the dictionary, so if you think there are words missing, or could do with clarifying, let us know!)

Call Miles For Help!

We've discovered submitting your stories to us wasn't that easy. So our resident guide dog Miles at COSY.LAND is here to help if you can't find your way on the website.

Just click the lovable mutt wherever you are lost in COSY.LAND, and hover or tap anything you don't understand!

He'll briefly explain what's going on, but if you're really stuck, he will take you to our dedicated Lost and Found desk, featuring absolutely everything you need to know about COSY in one place.

Hello Profile Pages!

Another victory for COSY writers which we are excited to release, are custom COSY profile pages.

You can personalise your profile pages with a profile pic, bio, and cover image to give your space a personal touch!

You can share this by having a public URL showing all your work on one page, featuring options to link your main website, socials and PayPal (where you keep 100% of your donations).

This means readers can easily follow you, contact you for future opportunities, send money if they like your work, and have a portfolio ready to show others your great work.

No need for fake Instagram clout - these days it's an intellectual flex.

We will email all current writers with links to activate their accounts in a few days time!

But we don't want to completely remove the mystery. We've left the rest for you to find out.

And we aren't stopping anytime soon.

We are already working hard on updating the website with exciting new features, further expanding the COSY universe into uncharted territory.

Launching the website is a proud moment for us, but it really is just the beginning.

It's not perfect, and there might be some bugs. So please let us know via email or Instagram if there are any problems, no matter how small, and you'd be really helping us out.

Ultimately, we're really grateful about what we are building at COSY, and optimistic about creating a genuinely novel publication where the very best of philosophy, technology, aesthetics, and ideas intersect.

Thanks for all your love, and we hope you like what we've done.

Love, your friends at COSY. x

Oh, and please stop by the COSY.GIFTS store if you haven't already, and show us some love!

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